Make Your Friends Rich
and Your Bank Poor

Let your friends help pay off your loans. Or, have them fund a purchase for you. Then pay them back instead.

Sounds awkward? Don't worry. We make it easy peasy.

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If you don't have student loans, you certainly know someone who does. 1 in 6 US adults has student loans with an average balance of $30,000. That's over $1.5 trillion in undergraduate debt alone.

It isn't cheap. Undergrad rates vary between 3% and 6% when the government subsidizes them. Private loans get into the double digits. Grad school rates are even higher.

College grads are more employable and higher earning than ever before, but oddly, most lenders won't refinance their loans. At the same time, these graduates' friends and family are all saving and investing in assets that yield less than those loans.

That seems... wrong. Hundreds of billions of dollars are paid by students to large financial institutions that take a cut.

Those institutions get their funding from the bank accounts of people all around us. Your friends, neighbors, and family's bank deposits earn barely anything, but financial institutions make and spend billions with their money.

We built Sima to fix this.

Now you don't have to spend years paying 12% to Sallie Mae before you can refinance your private student loans.

If you've built up some savings, odds are you know someone who would love to pay you many multiples of the rate your bank's "high interest savings account" pays.

Save money on your loans, make more on your saved cash, and keep your hard earned dollars out of the hands of bankers. We make it simple to automate loans between your friends and family.

P.S.–You can actually make or receive a loan for any purpose. We just particularly dislike student loans over here.

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