Getting started on sima

Jun 14, 2020

Sima is a service that lets you automate loan funding and repayment with the people you know and trust.

Here's what you need to do to get started managing your loans.

  1. Create an account

Do it! We think you'll be happy you did!

  1. Submit any extra verification information (usually not necessary)

Sometimes our initial attempt at identity verification might fail. This is usally due to a typo or accidental input of incorrect information when creating an account. We'll let you know if the initiial attempt fails and request that you resubmit your info, sometimes with supporting documents like a photo of a driver's license or passport.

  1. Link a bank account

We use Plaid to link bank accounts for ACH transfers. You can either sign in with your username and password, or we can use micro-deposits to link your accounts.

  1. Link any existing loan accounts

If you have an existing loan that you would like other users to see on your profile (perhaps you because you'd like to get a cheaper rate) you can sign in to your lender in the same way you link a bank account.

  1. Connect with friends

Sima is only useful if you have someone else to use it with! Invite your friends to create accounts so you can borrow or lend with them.

  1. Make loans

You're ready to go! Now you can go to your friend's profile and make a loan offer to them, or they can do the same for you.